UAHC was founded in September of 1952.  A group of pioneer Arabian horse breeders held the first meeting of the, soon-to-be, Utah Arabian Horse Club. The meeting was held at the Utah State Fair Grounds in Salt Lake City, Utah under the bleachers with twenty-one people in the original group.

Mr. Greg Austin
Mr. & Mrs. Vern Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Christofferson
Mr. Russell Schow
Mr. E.J. Christofferson
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Taylor
Mr. James H. Duckworth
Mr. & Mrs. R.D. Taylor
Dr. & Mrs. F.R. Hardy
Mr. & Mrs. Rich Whitmore
Dr. & Mrs. E. Dan McArthur
Mr. Duane Wright
Mr. & Mrs. Noy Christofferson

The Utah Arabian Horse Club was founded on the principal of democracy and cooperation with one another. In most instances the membership and its leaders have adhered to the feeling of fellowship and working together in promoting the Arabian horse and the activities provided. The goal was to promote the Arabian horse, not only as the premier show and performance horse, but more importantly, as a horse that the entire family can enjoy and cherish.  Below is the history of UAHC, originally published by Yvonne Brown in 1992.

 Utah Arabian Horse Club History as of 1992