President's Message, Summer 2015 
It’s Fathers Day as I am writing this. I am thinking of all of the dads that have allowed and supported a horsey life for their families. Whether it’s been to the top of the competitive ladder, or even just affording lessons for their kids, the impact you have made on their lives is bigger than you may realize. They have acquired the ability to care for something, be responsible for another life, use some common sense, and know how to deal with personal struggles that will affect them greatly in their abilities to handle real life situations in their futures. The horse people they have been able to be surrounded by are generally honest, hard working and very nurturing people. Good examples for all. There are less than stellar people too, which, unfortunately, your kids will be dealing with the rest of their lives as well. All of these people, along with the hot sun, the cold winters, the winning, the losing, the stepped on toes, rope burned hands and sometimes worse, are all things that affect your child in a positive way as an up and coming human being. We thank you, Dads, and Moms as well, since I missed Mother’s Day. Horse parents are the best and most supportive parents out there in today’s world. Unpleasant news first: Our most unfortunate struggle right now is that our Omnibus/Gazette has had many more obstacles to deal with than we ever could have imagined. It has been an ongoing stressor for many of us. I won’t go into details here, but know that it is not forgotten, is still in the works, and will be published SOON. It is obviously coming out much later than we had originally planned, so if you are a paid advertiser that would like a refund, we will gladly honor your wish, and of course, still run your ad. Please feel free and comfortable to contact me if this is your choice. We totally understand. 801 347 7458. More positive news on the state of the club: Things are looking up, slowly but surely. We had wonderful support for the May Madness show, i.e., did not LOSE money on it. That’s a big deal, and we thank those of you that were in attendance. We are looking into more of these One Day shows instead of three day shows. We will see how this all pans out as we do more research. The April show we did not fare as well…numbers were down, costs were up. These are still things we are working hard to change for 2016 and forward. We have to change with the times to survive, and we will! It takes a lot of time, research and figures to make the changes it takes to survive. We are all volunteers, and I can honestly say, this is not a lazy man’s job. We thank our Vice President, Jill Marie Fritsche for her literally hundreds of hours, phone calls, figuring (Yay for math skills!) and working hard to make the changes we must to keep the club functioning. The ACTS classes have been both well attended and a joy to see again! Total of 19 horses/kids in attendance start what used to be the Youth Saddle Program back up! So fun to see the beginners in their black pants and white shirts, all so nervous and doing better at every show! It has very literally breathed new life (and new membership) into the club! Our Tuesday Trainers Clinics and Pot Lucks have been so much FUN! If yo8u have not attended one yet, now that school is out perhaps it will be easier for you. Our many local talented trainers have been very gracious and shared their knowledge generously. We have met many new members and gotten to see many new faces at these fun and informative get-togethers. Big thanks to our trainers that are so willig to support our club, and to our many members and their friends that have attended! There are still July, August and Sept coming up, so please attend and have fun! Our membership has doubled since February of 2015, this due to many new youth members and enthusiastic participation in these many functions we have added to our clubs member-friendly events. Pat Wilson has taken on the Triequelon, and it will include the mandatory (schooling/fun) show on August 1, along with the Camp n Ride. Please contact her for more info. 801 278-6608. Ty Ferrell is running the Youth Achievement and Notta Show programs, and they are both well attended and add to our growing membership. Please see our “Calendar of Events” to get more info and locations on all of these events you can participate in! Ty: 801 759-2481 Good news financially! Due to careful budgeting & number crunching by Karen Clayson and Jill Fritsche, we WILL be able to have our Fall Arabian show on October 3. This is very positive news for us as, even though we are still on a very strict budget, our finances were not stable enough to even have this show until recently. It will be in Spanish Fork, so plan ahead for that. It will be a fun show with good judges, a Region 4 qualifier which will include Sport Horse classes. Many people are looking forward to it, and we really appreciate their support and encouraging input. We hope for a good turnout. For sure, it will be beautiful weather. Fall is my favorite time of year. Last but not even slightly least, our Youth Auction and Dinner by the Dads is back in full swing, and VERY activated already! Plan for November 7th to bring friends and family to enjoy this really fun event! Not just great food, but there will be items there that will peak everyone’s interest! We have been given many really top quality donations already, and donations will be coming in all summer and fall………from horse tack and equipment to professional services, and many lovely items that are not horse related. We can take yours too, as you are cleaning out your tack sheds or garages. WE TAKE ANYTHING! This year we will have live music, and a real auctioneer that will set the pace for bidding! This is our biggest fund raiser of the year, so we ask you to participate in any way you can! We need not only donations to the auction, but many hands to set up the displays for the auction, man the entrance gate, help set up tables and chairs., etc. It will be a busy day Saturday November 7th, and one of the most enjoyable nights we will have all year! Much fun to be had by all! (Location TBA) In closing, I just want to say, sincerely and with my whole heart, thank you. Thank you to all of you on the board that are fighting hard to keep the heart of the UAHC beating. Thank you for the support of members that really care. And thank you to all of you that offer your time, expertise, and even just your opinions and concerns to us. I am humbled by the many people that have stepped up in the clubs time of crisis. You are ALL playing a big part in the club surviving. You are ALL making a difference.
Thank you,
Wendy Jewell Onstott. 2015 UAHC President