Welcome to the UTAH Arabian Horse Club home page!  UAHC was founded in 1952 by a handful of people whose goal was to promote the Arabian Horse as the Versatile Horse, not only as a premier show, performance, endurance, all around horse, but more importantly, as a horse that the entire family can enjoy and cherish.

Hello, and thank you, right up front, for your support and affection for the Utah Arabian Horse Club!
Founded in 1952, I have been a member for 50 of it’s 63 years. There is a lovely written History of the Utah Arabian Horse Club that has been temporarily mislaid, but as soon as it is recovered, it will be up on this website.
Meanwhile, perhaps I can sum it up for you, and hopefully it will explain why I believe in this club and why it means so much to me. I am both honored and humbled to be it’s president at this time in its existence.
Times change, and the UAHC has tried hard to keep up. Myself and our very enthusiastic group of board members, committee leaders and volunteers are all ready to do our best to get the club back to the family oriented, active and very community minded group that it was nationally known for in past years.
We will be reinstating many or our tried and true programs that were dropped over the years, such as: the Triequelon Program, High Point Year End Program, UAYO programs such as Notta Shows, Drill Teams, Youth Achievement Awards, the Camp n Ride, a new version of the Youth Saddle Program, along with many other new additions!
The UAHC is one of the oldest clubs in the United States, and I am very proud of it. I was on the board for 12 years and resigned in 2003, I think it was. I founded the original UAYO, and all of the programs that it entailed over the years. My love for the club grew from my affection for it’s members….so many truly wonderful people that made the club not only successful, but fun.
We all know that social media is in full swing, and between email, Facebook, texting and all the other modes of technological communication, we have lost something along the way. In the last few years, membership has dropped significantly. People like to blame the economy, but the simple truth is, the communication has been lost. It is a a fact that not EVERYONE get’s ‘on line’. That cannot be the sole source of communication and keep the club active.
Therefore, we have a new quarterly Gazette, (YES, IN THE MAIL!), that we feel will reunite our membership. It is a beautiful full-color handbook to keep for future reference. It is like an omnibus in that it has a full calendar of events for the entire year, descriptions and rules for each program we offer, a full membership list, show and event information, advertisers and businesses that support our club, and more.
The club has become more and more financially stressed. This is something that we hope to remedy quickly with many fun events that will not only work as fund raisers for the UAHC, but will also be fun and informative events for our members, their families, and their horses.
My hope is to reignite the clubs old fire and get it the active, high energy, high membership and fun family that it has been in the past. Please look through our new website to find information on all of the functions, events and programs mentioned above! You will have a great time enjoying your horses and the lovely people that are part of the Utah Arabian Horse Clubs great heritage!

Thank you so much for joining and supporting this fine and very worthy club!
Gratefully yours,
Wendy Jewell Onstott, UAHC President